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Defining Style: Western Heritage Through Fashion

This curated selection of clothing and accessories reveals how culture, individual values, technology, and function combine to create fashions that help to visually define our lives. Using multiple levels of detailed photography and 3D modeling, this catalog makes viewing delicate textiles possible in ways not usually accessible to the public.

fan with picture of Abraham Lincoln on it
1860 Memorial Hand Fan. Metal and paper hand fan featuring images of the murder of President Abraham Lincoln and the death of John Wilkes Booth.
shoes with orange fabric
1920 Modified T-strap pumps. Body and heel of the shoe is covered with a marbled orange fabric and the topline is trimmed with gold toned leather.
1940 maritime lapel pin
1940 Lapel pin given by U.S. Maritime Commission, pin denotes “AWARD OF MERIT SHIPS FOR VICTORY MARITIME COMMISSION,” silver, red and blue finish shows American eagle V for victory.
maroon silk long dress
Carol MacGregor’s 1984 Inaugural Dress. Maroon silk, long sleeved dress with high-low hemline. Fabric features a damask stripe pattern.
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