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History & Notes: This lovely sun hat belonged to Idaho First Lady Lucille "Lu" Smylie. Lucille was a patroness of the arts and well known for her community engagement and fashionable wardrobe. Throughout her life, Lu amassed a considerable collection of beautiful hats and gifted them to a daughter of a family friend, Martha Smith, before she passed away. Martha later donated the hats to the Idaho State Historical Society in 2010.
Description: Brown wide brimmed cellophane straw hat with net crown. One large off-white and pink silk flower arrangement. Brown tulle band with hat pin. Hat pin is 3" with square brown end. Brown grosgrain sweat band inside hat with black and white G. Howard Hodge label.
Object Number: 2010.021.0005
Object: hat
Category: Personal Gear
Circa: 1960
Materials: cellophane, straw, textile, metal, wire
Donor: Smith, Martha H.

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