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Cecilia Lopez's 2016 Performance Gown

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History & Notes: Opera singer Cecilia Violetta Lopez was raised in Rupert, Idaho where her parents worked in sugar beet fields. Her childhood was immersed in the mariachi music she learned from her mother. This inspired her to pursue a career in opera where she has made a name for herself internationally. Cecilia wore this stunning sequined gown on June 5, 2016 for her debut performance at Carnegie Hall.
Description: Evening Gown. Floor-length, strapless, columnar gown with sweetheart neckline and corseted back closure. Gown comprised of turquoise satin with turquoise net overlay, overlay is covered in oval sequins in bands of gold, silver, green, and blue.
Object Number: 2017.028.0000
Object: dress
Category: Women's Garments
Circa: 2010
Materials: sequin, satin, tulle, synthetic
Donor: Cecilia Violetta Lopez

Additional Images

Cecilia Lopez's 2016 Performance Gown: Front
Cecilia Lopez's 2016 Performance Gown: Back
Cecilia Lopez's 2016 Performance Gown: Side
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