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Buckskin Bills Viking Helmet"

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History & Notes: Sylvan "Buckskin Bill" Hart made this one of a kind helmet at his isolated compound in the Snake River Canyon. Known for his self reliance, Buckskin Bill was notorious for creating customized pieces of clothing, weaponry, and more from the animals he hunted and the minerals he mined and smelted. The helmet along with Buckskin's full 'viking' garb was featured in images taken by photojournalist Ted Streshinsky.
Description: Helmet appears to be made from a hand tooled copper bucket or kettle. Its lip has been trimmed on the side to give it a deer-stalker style. The interior has a leather sweat band with 2 strips of leather that cross at top which attach to the head wear with rivets. On either side is an eye bolted chinstrap of handcrafted brass chain. On the upper temples are two lacquered animal horns secured with studs and screws. Together this gives the object the appearance of a whimsical Nordic helmet.
Object Number: 1982.150.0013
Object: helmet
Category: Personal Gear
Circa: 1960
Materials: metal, leather, horn

Additional Images

Buffalo Bill helmet from the 1960s
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