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Future Farmers of America Jacket

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History & Notes: FFA jacket of Senator Larry Craig in 1965-66.
Description: FFA Jacket. Dark blue cotton corduroy/twill-like thick fabric. One black button on the bottom of each sleeve. Gold zipper. Two side pockets (one on each side) angle towards the arms. Small buckles on bottom of each side. Thick collar. Yellow text embroidered into right breast front (see Inscriptions). Blue/yellow/red FFA vocational agriculture logo on left breast front. Large FFA vocational agriculture logo centered in middle of back. Clothing tag on back of inside collar.
Object Number: 2017.003.0011
Object: jacket --overcoat
Category: Men's Garments
Circa: 1960
Materials: cotton, metal, thread

Additional Images

Larry Craig Blue FFA Jacket: Front
Larry Craig Blue FFA Jacket: Back
Larry Craig Blue FFA Jacket: Side
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