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Hand Fan

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History & Notes: This delicate fan belonged to Lula Brown McDonald who was born about 1896 in Chattanooga, Tennessee to a prominent southern family. Lula was a very independent woman and moved to Washington D.C. during the first World War with her young daughter Jane. Here she procured a government job and met James McDonald II of Hailey, Idaho. James was the son of the Standard Oil Company's European representative, James McDonald Sr. After marrying James Jr. in 1927, Lula and Jane moved to Idaho where the family split their time between Hailey and Boise, often making the newspapers for their soirees and development ventures. Lula was an active member of the Hailey and Boise social circles and contributed to artistic and charitable ventures throughout the state. Never one to settle down for too long, Lula traveled extensively throughout her life and amassed an impressive collection of clothing and curios from designers and craftspeople the world over. After Lula's death in 1973, her daughter Jane Gorrissen donated this gown and many other pieces to the Idaho State Historical Society.
Description: Black silk and wood fan with 14" spread.Hand painted lilacs and green leaves with sequins scattered throughout. Silver hand painted dots on guards and ribs.
Object Number: 1973.224.0126
Object: fan, hand
Category: Women's Garments
Circa: 1900
Materials: silk, wood, lace
Donor: Jane Gorrissen

Additional Images

Black fan from the 1900s
Black Lace Fan With Purple Flowers
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