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Two Piece Dress

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History & Notes: Clothing belonged to Mrs. Lewis F. Cook and her mother Mrs. Joseph McIntyre, who came to Owyhee County with their husbands from Texas in 1869. Mr. and Mrs. L.F. Cook took up a homestead four miles northeast of Caldwell.
Description: Burgundy two piece dress; front and back of bodice is made of a decorative weave with metallic thread running through it; black beaded braid around arms; braid around neck and collar; bodice is boned; orange plastron with sheer black lace over the top; hook and eye closure in the front; skirt with beaded braid trim.
Object Number: 1961.049.0037
Object: dress
Category: Women's Garments
Circa: 1900
Materials: silk, lace, metal, textile

Additional Images

Two Piece Dress: 1 Front
Two Piece Dress: 2 Back
Two Piece Dress: 3 Side
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