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1880s Collection

Large bustles were only popular in the mid-1880s. Smaller bustles were considered more fashionable in the early and late parts of the decade. Draped panels and tightly pleated ruffles embellished skirts. Sleeves were generally tight, but towards the end of the decade, they developed a small puff at the top.

Popular literature and culture influenced style as well. Lillie Langtry, nicknamed Jersey Lily, an international stage performer and fashion icon, chose a wool knit fabric for a tennis costume. The term jersey knit was soon adopted for knit fabrics.

Illustrations from the childrens novel Little Lord Fauntleroy, published in 1885, started a fashion trend for young boys. The character of Little Lord Fauntleroy was dressed in a velvet cutaway jacket, matching knee pants, and fancy shirt with lace and ruffled collar. This became popular formal attire for young boys three to eight years of age.

Front and side view of Chinese women's shoes from the 1880s

Chinese Shoes

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Front view of a hannifin burgandy dress, circa 1880.

Wedding Dress

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Front view of a plaid childs dress from the 1880s

Child's Plaid Dress

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Men's Wedding Suit: Front

Man's Three Piece Suit

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Boy's Dress: Front

Boy's Dress

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Two Piece Purple Bustle Dress: Front

Two Piece Bustle Dress

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Basque Beaded Jacket: Front

Beaded Jacket

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Baptismal Cloak: 1 Front

Baptismal Cloak

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Fireman's Helmet: Front

Fireman's Helmet

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Child's Checked Dress: Front

Child's Checked Dress

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Idaho Territority Hat: Front

Woman's Hat

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Fluer de Lis Bustle Dress: Front

Brocade Bustle Dress

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