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2010s Collection

After The Great Recession, the practicality of multi-use ensembles and garments that could be worn for work and play were heavily marketed. Womens leggings made a comeback as the athleisure trend took hold. Wearable technology was integrated into accessories, further connecting consumers to the digital world.

Clothing as personal expression and a signal of identity has been a constant theme throughout the decade. Womens pant-suits came to represent the increasing visibility of women in non-traditional fields. The Hipster look rose in popularity as a referendum on a perceived lack of authenticity in mainstream western culture. Vintage or retro-inspired clothing is popular with men and women alike.

Cecilia Lopez's 2016 Performance Gown: Front

Cecilia Lopez's 2016 Performance Gown

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Lori Otter's 2011 Inaugural Gown: Front

Lori Otter's 2011 Inaugural Gown

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Lori Otter's 2015 Inaugural Gown: Front

Lori Otter's 2015 Inaugural Gown

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