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2000s Collection

The fashion and styles of the first decade of the new millennium revealed just how rapidly consumerism had grown with technology. Social media and online retailers made it easier to keep up with the latest trends, and purchase items at a lower cost. Couture designers, like Gucci and Louis Vuitton, produced accessories that were more affordable but quickly fell out of style, a concept known as fast fashion. These inexpensive and trendy pieces were used by celebrities and everyday customers alike.

Runway fashion communicated art, ideals, and aesthetics. While influential in mainstream clothing production, runway style increasingly provided inspiration rather than actual designs for everyday clothing. Very low-waisted pants, plunging necklines, sheer material, and highly feminine cuts and colors were popular.

In the late 2000s, the United States experienced a major economic turndown during a period known as The Great Recession. This economic decline led to Americans spending less, giving way to styles that were more practical than in the early part of the decade.

Otter Inaugural Long Sleeve black: Front

Lori Otter's 2007 Inaugural Gown

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