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Young adult fashion defined the style of the 1990s. Preppy and sporty styles quickly gained traction. High waisted, straight-legged denim pants, nick-named mom jeans were a staple in the first half of the decade. Relaxed menswear, like polo shirts, V-neck sweaters, and tracksuits remained popular.

Hip-Hop and grunge fashion also entered the mainstream. Baggy jeans, bomber jackets, and sportswear (like baseball caps, sports-team branded items, and athletic shoes) were especially popular. Seattle Style, such as flannel shirts over t-shirts, denim, and boots, were essentials in grunge fashion. Another popular look for young women consisted of short skirts, small cardigan sweaters, slip dresses, and shoes with chunky soles.

The late 1990s saw a revival of many 20th century styles. Flared jeans, floral prints, maxi skirts, and satin shirts were inspired by the 1970s. The classic wardrobe essential, the Little Black Dress of the mid-20th century made a rapid comeback. More brightly colored accessories, like pashminas, purses, and jewelry completed the otherwise simple look.

Patricia Kempthorn's 1999 Inaugural Ensemble: Full

Patricia Kempthorn's 1999 Inaugural Ensemble

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Wedding Dress: 1 Front

Wedding Dress

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