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1850s Collection

Style became more accessible with the production of paper clothing patterns. Old clothing could also be taken apart and used as a template for new garments. Combined with the commercial availability of the Singer sewing machine, clothing became easier and faster to produce. New chemical advancements created vibrant clothing dyes that could be mass produced.

Dresses featuring bell-like pagoda sleeves were worn with false undersleeves. Wide skirts were highly fashionable. Hoop petticoats supported large skirts using a series of metal hoops. These replaced layered petticoats and crinolines. Skirts with two or more flounces were fashionable and added fullness without adding more material to the waist.

Childrens clothing reflected adult fashions. Girls wore similar dresses to their mother, but ended a little above the ankles with pantalets underneath for modesty.

Vest: Front

Man's Vest

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Militia Sargent's Coat: Front

Shell Jacket

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Men's Vest: Front

Men's Vest

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Hand Fan: Front

Hand Fan

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