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1950s Collection

Renewed prosperity after the end of World War II lead to a resurgence of couture fashion. Larger cuts of fabric were used to create broad, double breasted suits for men. For women, a tailored, fitted bodice and flaring skirt, supported by tulle petticoats accentuated an ultra-feminine hourglass figure. Pearls and gloves accessorized the look. Coco Chanel defined womens day-wear with her Chanel Suit: a cardigan-style jacket with a bold trim and an A-line skirt.

Popular culture played a large part in defining fashion for young adults. The Greaser look embodied blue-collar work with a stylish edge. James Dean made this look, with t-shirts, jeans and black leather jackets, his signature style. Pullover sweaters, pleated skirts, and fitted pants of the Beatniks gained popularity late in the decade.

Front view of a Korean orphan suit barret from the 1950s

Child's Suit

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Front view of a salmon colored strapless satin gown from the 1950s

Prom Dress

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Front view of a trade headress from the 1940s

Trade Head Dress

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Pink Smiley Inaugural Gown: Front

1954 Inaugural Gown

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Wedding Ensemble: 1 Front

Wedding Ensemble

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Blue and Pink Palm Dress: Front

Dress and Bolero Jacket

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