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1970s Collection

The hippie look of the previous decade carried over into the early 1970s. Peasant blouses, ponchos, and bell bottoms remained popular. Brightly colored floral and Native American-inspired patterns were commercially popular. The production of low-priced synthetic fabrics allowed consumers to purchase more clothing in a variety of styles.

Nightlife and disco trends, like shiny satin, spandex, fur, and platform shoes rose in popularity. Other styles, like jumpsuits, tracksuits, and leisure suits with wide collars, often in bright colors, were popular trends.

As views on gender changed, more women entered the workforce. The womens pant-suit, first popularized in the 1940s, became a staple in retail stores as the womens business wear industry began to boom.

Front view of a sunflower dress, circa 1970.

Blouse and Skirt

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Front view of a Mariachi uniform, also known as a charro suit, from the 1970s

Mariachi Performance Suit

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Evening Coat: 1 Front

Evening Coat

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Woman's Leather Suit: Front

Woman's Leather Suit

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