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Women's Suit

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History & Notes: Bannock Street boutique, Carroll's was known for decades as the home of haute couture in Boise. Featuring designer fashions and in-house designs, Carroll's dressed first ladies and prom queens alike for decades.
Description: Powder blue suit comprising a coat with matching A-line dress. Coachman style coat features double breasted closure featuring four covered buttons made of the same blue polyester of the body of the outfit. Dress is of the same fabric and features short sleeves and a collarless round neckline. Front panel features a pleat with two covered buttons at the waist. Back zip closure.
Object Number: 1989.055.0067
Object: suit
Category: Women's Garments
Circa: 1960
Materials: polyester, synthetic, metal

Additional Images

Women's Suit: Front w/Jacket
Women's Suit: Back w/Jacket
Women's Suit: Side w/Jacket
Women's Suit: Front
Women's Suit: Side
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